Clear Plastic Donation Cans

clear plastic coin banks

Plastic Donation Jars

The donation containers are made from a durable clear plastic with a clear unbreakable vinyl bottom. The top plug contains two slots so that one can be used for holding a stand-up message card. Removable lids allow for repeated use. Tamper resistant/evident bands included with each unit to increase security. Sheets can be inserted into the tubes to display artwork or graphics. This allows the plastic donation jars to be used year round and for different fundraisers. On orders of 1,000pcs or more we can screen print your message.

If you would like to order over 1,000 units for this particular product, call for Discounted Bulk Pricing 773-586-3232.

Code Name Weight Price  
CB-2346 Clear Plastic Coin Banks 2 3/4”x 6" tall 4.00 $5.40
CB-5008 Clear Plastic Coin Banks 5” x 8” tall 8.00 $8.05