Food Grade Paper Cans - Easy Open Containers

sifter tops food grade easy open containers

Our food grade composite cans are manufactured to your specifications, with a variety of opening features, plain or labeled, with foil or parchment liners. Pilfer and tamper proof. Suitable for all kinds of powders and granular products.

Stock Food Grade Sifter Top Containers

sifter tops food grade easy open containersWe stock three sizes of our sifter top containers. 1-7/8"ID x 5"Tall, 2-1/2"ID x 6"Tall & 3"ID x 8"Tall. Food grade foil liner, white litho outer wrap, seamed on metal bottoms and white plastic sifter tops(shipped loose).

If you would like to order over 1,000 units for this particular product, call for Discounted Bulk Pricing 773-586-3232.

Code Name Weight Price  
ST-18755 Sifter Tops Cardboard Containers 1 7/8” x 5” 0.15 $1.36
ST-21206 Sifter Tops Cardboard Containers 2 1/2” x 6” 0.16 $1.67
ST-30008 Sifter Tops Cardboard Containers 3” x 8” 0.21 $1.89