Cardboard Mailing & Shipping Tubes

Our sturdy spiral wound tubes can be made in a number of custom sizes and lengths to meet any of your shipping needs. With a minimum 3ply wall construction they are sturdy enough to stand up too the most demanding handling that you can dish out.

Cardboard Paper Tubes & Tubing

We carry cardboard mailing and shipping tubes that ensure that your items get to their destination undamaged. All types of industries can benefit from our robust cardboard paper tubes and tubing whether you are an artist who ships custom poster, a packaging distributors, or architect. Our Cardboard Mailing and Shipping tubes are an economical way to protect blueprints, artwork and posters. We keep in stock a variety of cardboard paper tubes for your specifications.

Large & Small Stock Paper Tubes

white mailing tubes

White Mailing Tubes

pinched end mailing tubes

Pinched End Mailing Tubes

heavy duty jumbo kraft mailing tubes

Heavy Duty Jumbo
Kraft Maiing Tubes

kraft mailing tubes

Kraft Mailing Tubes

snap seal mailing tubes

Snap Seal Mailing Tubes

kraft lay flat tubing

Kraft Lay Flat Tubing

spiral wound paper tubes

Spiral Wound Mailing Tubes

Custom Paper Tubes

custom paper tubes

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