Black Plastic Plugs

black plastic plugsFor when your job calls for a more rugged enclosure, Armbrust provides a selection of heavy duty black plastic plugs to protect your important contents. Our black plastic plugs are similar to our white plugs in shape and design, except that they are built with extra resilience to handle more rigorous use. Our heavy duty enclosures won’t fall off during movement and provide a professional appearance for the tubes that they are applied to. We offer our black plastic end caps in 4 stock and ready-to-ship options ranging in size from 6” to 12”, and we are able to handle custom orders as well. Simply send us your specifications and quantities and we’ll be happy to develop a solution specific to your needs. Backed by 75 years of experience and a passion for excellent customer service, Armbrust has developed a reputation for exceeding expectations. Call or place an order today to see what we can offer you!

Code Name Weight Price  
BP-12 Black Plastic Plugs 12” 0.57 $1.98
BP-10 Black Plastic Plugs 10” 0.46 $1.53
BP-8 Black Plastic Plugs 8” 0.26 $1.31
BP-6 Black Plastic Plugs 6” 0.15 $0.61