Custom Mailing Tubes - Custom Cardboard & Paper Tubes

Over the past 75 years, Armbrust has developed the tooling, knowledge and expertise to produce a comprehensive range of packaging, shipping and storage products in practically any size.

We specialize in Cardboard & Paper Tubes from 1/8” to 48” wide, inside or outside diameter in any wall thickness up to ¾”; they can be ordered in lengths as long as 44 feet, with or without closed ends. End caps (also called stops or plugs) are available in White & Black plastic, metal self locking, paper / cardboard, coin bank slot or as a crimped / pinched end mailing tube.

Armbrust has a wide variety of tubes, packaging and shipping solutions in stock for immediate delivery, but most tubes are made to order. All of our tubes are spiral wound and can be labeled, printed, punched or die cut. They are also available in a broad range of both interior and exterior colors and finishes. A convolute label or printed wrap with your name or slogan can be applied to the exterior of the tubes.

custom paper tubes

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Please click to send us an email of your requirements or fill out the form below to receive an estimate for your custom tube or label. You can also give us a call at 773-586-3232 to discuss your project.

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